Establish Sikang intelligent equipment factory
Establish Zhejiang Haikang Information Co., Ltd. (combination of Sikang and kangyin)
Zhejiang Haikang Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Company Profile

Zhejiang Haikang Science And Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2009.  It is a company controlled by China Telecom Haikang Group Co., Ltd. which specializes in the design, development, production and manufacturing of intelligent control products such as industrial / home appliance controllers and Internet of things products.
Intelligent controller products mainly include home controller and industrial controller. Home controller is mainly used in motor, washing machine, rice cooker, disinfection cabinet and other home appliance fields. Industrial controller is mainly used in temperature controller, medical equipment, access control system and other fields.The Internet of things mainly includes intelligent construction site, RFID series, microprobe, intelligent cabinet and other products, which are widely used in intelligent transportation, financial management, books and archives, production and manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, anti-counterfeiting traceability, tracking and positioning and other fields, among which the overall performance index of UHF reader and module based on ISO18000-6B / 6C reaches the international advanced level.
Our company have an annual production capacity of 20 million industrial / home appliance controllers and 120000 intelligent devices. The production site is 15000 square meters, and the main production equipment includes: SMT lines, 9 AOI optical inspectors, 6 SPI solder paste inspectors, 6 AI automatic plug-in machines, 8 lead-free wave soldering equipment, 10 ICT online testers, 1 RoHS detector, 1 ZI-300s ion concentration tester, 1 X-ray detector, 1 IC automatic programing machine 3-310a2, and more than 20 assembly lines for industrial / home appliance controllers, intelligent devices, Internet of things and other products.
Zhejiang Haikang Science And Technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to the R&D, production and sales of intelligent controller and Internet of things products. The company has R&D centers, which are awarded "Hangzhou enterprise technology center" by Hangzhou Economic and Information Commission and "Hangzhou high tech enterprise R&D center" by Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau. There are more than 115 research personnels, including 45 with middle and senior professional titles, accounting for 70% of them with bachelor's degree or above. There are three departments: the R&D Department of Internet of things technology, the R&D Department of intelligent control technology, and the testing department. The main research direction is the intelligent control technology and Internet of things technology under electronic information technology, which are applied to four categories of products: all kinds of home appliances intelligent control technology products, computer room management equipment, and Internet of things related products. We have 26 patents, including 4 invention patents and 22 software copyrights. In 2017, 30 million yuan of R&D investment accounted for 6% of the sales revenue, which is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state.

Production Capacity

EMS experience    

over 16 years

Workshop and warehouse

SMT&AI 3000M²

Complete manufacturing chain

From automatic chip burning, code spraying, automatic insertion, SMT mounting, wave soldering, sealing, three anti paint coating to structure assembly.

Panasonic Motor 3000M²

Famous EMS customers

Panasonic, Siemens, Schneider, TE, Chamberlain, Merlin, Grifco, Allegion, Smith Medical.

PTH & Wave soldering 3000M²

Design ability

Switching power supply design; AC / DC motor frequency conversion control; WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G technology; app; PCBA software and hardware design; structure design; EMC design; reliability design.

Structure Assembly 1000M²

Import new product to manufacturing process

There are 8 person in new product import team, skilled in PPAP, PFMEA, CP, QC engineering drawing, SOP, Cpk, Fai, GR & R, Xbar-R and other tools .

 Electronic Component 500M²

Fixture design and manufacturing

There are 8 persons in the fixture design and manufacturing team to complete the design and internal manufacturing of ICT, FCT and various fixtures.

Structural Parts 1500M²

Flexible production

Be able to cope with the fast switching of multiple varieties and small batches and flexible production.

Finished Products 1000M²

Fast response to customer needs and changes

Timely delivery rate >98%

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