• Brief introduction of the scheme

    Based on the RFID technology, non-motor vehicle traffic illegal detection scheme combined with integrated license plate as the identify way of e-bike vehicle information. Meanwhile, different collection equipment is configured according to the actual environment on the urban traffic road bayonet.
    By reading the radio frequency information of the integrated license plate of the e-bike, and combining with the corresponding algorithm, the intelligent judgment of the traffic offence such as running the red light, retrograde, occupying the motorway can be realized.


    A. Integrated Electronic License Plate


    RFID technology is used to energize the traditional e-bike license plate, forming the e-bike integrated electronic license plate, which binds the owner's identity information, vehicle information, insurance and other information to achieve the purpose of intelligent information management and control of e-bike.

    B.Traffic Offence Detection

    In view of the traffic offence of e-bikes, the intelligent chapter correction base station and base station are developed, cooperating with integrated license plate to achieve detecting the three traffic offense behaviour of running the red light, driving the wrong way and occupying motorway; cooperating with big data appliance to support travel trend, offence detection, road analyse, getting evidence of video of non-motor vehicle.


  • Major product
    Intelligent integrated license plate
    metal material, reflective antifouling film
    Support Anti-Theft Orientation of e-bike, offence detection
    Intelligent traffic correction base station
    Based on 2.4G Radio Frequency, support Haikang city radio frequency network agreement
    Cooperate with the integrated non motor vehicle electronic license plate to support the detection of traffic offence
    Intelligent correction control box
    High precision area detection
    Support multiple complex road conditions to use